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Please Pass the Salt
Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel 
 July 1, 2016
Long, long ago, a bunch of Jewish Essenes lived in a commune high upon a plateau in Palestine. Far, far below, on the northwestern corner of the Salt Sea (also, Dead Sea) is a little town called Salt City. Well, actually, Josh called it the ‘City of Salt’ in his historical account. You can check it out in Joshua 15:62. Today, it is called Khirbeth Qumran. I like my name a whole lot better.

I also prefer the name ‘Sea Salt’ rather than the Salt Sea or Dead Sea. Did you know that of all the gazillions of seas, the Sea Salt is saltier than any other sea upon the planet Earth? 

I suppose that, by now, you are thinking this piece is a waste of your time. But, keep on reading, it gets better.

Jesus must have known all about Salt City. You see, salt is what gives pizzazz to the boring food you eat! He taught that … we are salt. He was trying to say that it is human guys and gals that give meaning to life. “You are the salt of the earth.” And what he meant is that life has meaning and purpose because of the zest we give to every day of our lives. He also said if you don’t have any pizzazz, your life is going to become dull and boring and people will walk all over you. Here it is: Matt 5:13. 

       “But if the salt has become  tasteless, how will it be made salty again?  It is 
         good for nothing any more,  except to be thrown out and trampled under
         foot by men.”

Now, we move on to the really good part. There is a well-known story in the Gospels referred to as the ‘Last Supper’. But an important part of it got left out. The disciples were sitting in the upper room behind this very long table, just long enough for twelve guys … and Jesus in the middle. At one end was Bartholomew; at the other end, Thaddeus. The Scriptures tell us nothing about these two disciples, other than how to spell their names. But I’m certain they did something important. Well, here it is:

Thaddy was eating some boring lamb chops. They had no pizzazz -- you know, Thaddy could use some salt. Problem is, the salt was at the other end of the long table. 

So, what’s a follower of Jesus to do…but ask, seek, and knock. And he did! Thaddy motions to Bart: “Hey, Bart, please pass the salt.” Bart passed the salt to Simon who passed it to Philip, who passed it Matthew who passed it to … who passed it to Thomas, who passed it to Thaddy, who calmly said “Thanks” to Bart … and to God.

By now, you are blown away by my deliberate assassination of the Good Book. But listen up! I don’t let the facts get in the way of what’s true! Jesus was not saying you are doomed. You do not have to be the victim but the victor. You can get your zest for living back again. No more long, fervent prayers to a reluctant God. It is His pleasure to … pass the salt. All you have to do … is ask:

“Heavenly Father -- please pass the salt. Thanks.”
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