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Things are thoughts

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Things Are Thoughts
Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel 
September 1, 2015
​Most likely, everyone has heard of the expression: ‘Thoughts are Things’. It’s another way to convey that thoughts are real! Though we cannot see them, our thoughts are alive and have an impact upon our very lives. Jesus spoke of this principle in his Sermon on the Mount. Can you find them in the fifth chapter of Matthew’s Gospel?

Let’s turn it around. Have you ever thought of it this way? Things are Thoughts!  It’s another way to convey that things are real, if and only if, thoughts are real! Most things are merely the visible thoughts of God. 

The Universe-thing is actually a God-Thought. The Cosmos is beaming with millions and millions of galaxy-things…that are truly the living thoughts of God expressing in time and space. His infinite Universe is a visible, physical, living thing, which He beholds in the bosom of His heart. Likewise, your life is a visible, physical, living thing, which He also beholds in the bosom of His heart.

You are God’s Life in expression as a God-Thought … unless, of course, you are accustomed to your own personal thoughts of who you are. Though Jesus taught “all things are possible with God”, not all things are beneficial. So, a prayer to develop the attitude of non-resistance shall enable us to welcome those God-thoughts of you. Then they shall begin to express as your thoughts and become those very things that bring blessings into your life.
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1. Jesus teaches us that murder is not caused by a person with a gun but by a person with unresolved anger. It always begins with an invisible thought. “Settle matters quickly with your adversary,” he said. Your adversary is not another person – it’s the anger within you. 

2. Jesus teaches us that before adultery takes place in the bedroom, it takes place within the mind and heart. It begins with an invisible thought-desire. Without the thought, there is no thing.

3. Jesus teaches us to pray for people that are abusive rather than to thrust our hatred upon them. Can you think that thought? Both prayer and hatred are thought-things. 

4. Jesus teaches us that when we acquire the attitude of non- resistance, there is no personal desire to get even, no incentive to take our revenge out upon another. It always begins with an invisible attitude of non-resistance … to not encounter the resistance-thing.