Butterfly Metaphor: Resurrection of Jesus

Flying Machine with Multicolored Wings

Reverend Virgil Brewer

Once upon a time, there lived in the land of Caanan a hairy, wormlike creature who was born into the social organization, or tribe, called Benny. In his caterpillar youth, he suffered with thorns in his flesh. Amongst his family clan, he was known by his given name, Saw, and spent most days just hanging loose and carefree.

Evolving into his teenage years as a pupa in the Mosec College of Religion, Saw was always striving for perfection. In his pursuit into the study of Law, he reaped A’s in every course. Saw excelled within his tribe and advanced to the top of his class. 

A well educated, self-assured pupa, for sure, Saw soon entered into his adult life. However, he was aghast to learn of a cult known as Chrysalians, named after their prophet, Chrysalis. The rumor ran ramped that the prophet had died but resurrected into a flying machine with multi-colored wings. Stamping out this offensive cult became Saw’s very first job as a young adult.

However, his life was about to change as the flying machine made a sudden landing at the feet of Saw. Chrysalis then taught his gospel of the Law to him: 

       “Life  begins  with a very hungry  caterpillar  hatching from an egg. The
         caterpillar,  or larva,  stuffs  itself  with  leaves,  growing  plumper and
         longer  through  a  series  of molts  in which it sheds its skin.  One day,
         the caterpillar stops eating,  hangs down from a twig or leaf, and spins
         itself a silky cocoon,  becoming a shiny  chrysalis.  Within its protective
         casing, the caterpillar  radically transforms its body through metamor-
         phosis.  This is a  biological  process  involving an abrupt  change in the
         animal's body structure through cell growth and  differentiation, event-
         ually emerging as a butterfly.”

Concluding his discourse, he asked, “Do you have any questions, Saw?”

Saw became an instant believer and so ended his career as a persecutor of the Chrysalians. He changed his name from Saw to Paw, made a 180 degree reverse turn, and ventured into every nook and cranny to convert others into his new gospel.

To those who would listen, Paw taught that Chrysalis had died, but came out of the cave, or cocoon, and resurrected into a flying machine. And if they believed in Chrysalis and died as he died, they too would resurrect into a flying machine with multi-colored wings. Most of his pupas turned away, saying nasty things under their breath . . .  but some pupas did believe every word of Paw’s gospel.
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A Flying Machine 
with Multi-Colored Wings
Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel 
March 1, 2015
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