How wonderful it is during the last two months of the year to celebrate two Christian holidays! And they fall within just 30 days of each other!

        “Then he gave thanks to God for the food. He broke the bread into pieces,
          which he gave to the followers, and they gave the food to the people.”

        “Jesus took a cup of wine in his hands and gave thanks to God. Then he 
          told the apostles, ‘Take this wine and share it with each other.’”

The Master lived a life of gratitude and appreciation, knowing that God was the source of his good . . . and he shared it for others to enjoy. Fortunately, our country continues to honor a most special day in November for expressing our appreciation to our God and our fellow-man:  Thanksgiving Day

“Rather than dwell on problems, why not look for life's gifts?" These are the appreciative words of Alice Herz-Sommer who lived in a one-room flat without any assistance at the age of 110. A concert pianist in her youth, Alice continued to play the piano three hours every day until she passed from this world earlier this year. 

She was the ‘World's Oldest Living Holocaust Survivor’, but lived her life without bitterness and hatred. She acknowledged the humanity in each person, even her enemies. “I know about the bad, but I look at the good.” Alice said. “What I have learned, at my advanced age, is to be grateful. Every day is a present. Beautiful."

In December, another special holiday is held in highest esteem by Christians. Of course, it's Christmasthe birthday of Jesus. We read of his miraculous birth from the Scriptures, sing carols of the festive season, and light candles in his memory.

Are you aware that Jesus is probably the only person in the world who is remembered on his birthday as a babe in the arms of his mother? Not so with Abraham Lincoln; nor Martin Luther King Jr. Can you picture honest Abe as a baby in his mother's arms? Or Marty's mom holding him as an infant?  

More than a celebration of Jesus' birth, we are reminded that the Christ lives within our hearts and the spirit of love is reborn on Christmas Day. 

        “He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.”
               – Roy L. Smith

        “It's true,  Christmas can feel like a lot of work,  particularly for mothers.
         But  when you look back  on all the  Christmases  in your life,  you'll  find
         you've created family traditions and lasting memories. Those memories,
         good  and  bad,  are  really  what  help  to  keep  a  family  together  over
         the long haul.” – Caroline Kennedy

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Two Christian Holidays
in Only 30 Days
Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel 
November 1, 2014
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