Resurrection of the Aloe Plants

      "As evening approached, Joseph . . . from Arimathea,
       who was one of Jesus' followers … took the body and
       wrapped  it in a  long  linen  cloth.  He placed it in his
       own new tomb "And Nicodemus came also…bringing
       a  mixture  of  myrrh  and  aloes,  about  seventy - five
       pounds weight." (John 19:39). 

      "On the first day  of  the week,  very early in the morn-
        ing while it was still dark,  Mary  of  Magdala went to
        the tomb, and she s aw  that the  stone  had  been  re-
        moved from the tomb." (John 20:1).

We know that Jesus was in the tomb for a maximum of 36 hours. What was going on in the tomb? Did Joseph and Nicodemus remain in the tomb with the body of Jesus? Who rolled the stone away? The Gospels do not reveal the answers … or do they? 

Nicodemus brought one hundred pounds of aloe and myrrh. That is a huge quantity for one man to carry. When was it purchased and prepared? How far did Nicodemus travel to bring it to the tomb? And why did he bring so much? Did he have a plan?

The substance in aloe plants – a thick liquid -- has excellent healing qualities. I have five aloe plants at my home. Occasionally, I break off an inch from the tip of a leaf for medicinal purposes. But what would I do with 100 pounds? 

Joe and Nick could literally soak the body of Jesus with only a few pounds of the mixture. Further applications could follow every hour thereafter. This process of applying the healing solution could be repeated for the entire 36 hours. 

Now, move forward 2000 years... 

A couple of months ago, a horrendous storm drenched my five aloe plants sitting on the railing of my deck. The heat that week also reached 100 degrees. The result was the death of my plants – their skin was completely scorched and discolored. My friend took one look and said I could throw them away, for they cannot possibly revive. I silently agreed and grieved my loss. Nevertheless, I later covered their leaves with their own aloe-juice, but did nothing thereafter.

About six weeks later, the aloe plants had recovered. Their leaves had increased in thickness and their skin had returned to their normal green color. They had risen from the dead (ok, not in three days). Behold, I was the first to see their resurrected bodies-- though I could hardly believe my eyes.

I wonder if Joe and Nick could believe their eyes … when Jesus opened his!

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
September 1, 2012
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