Parable of the Prodigal Daughter

      ( I was surprised to find this story in my files. I have no idea how it got there!
     In chapter 15 of Luke's Gospel you can read the male counterpart as told by 
    Jesus. Obviously, he had intended to tell a tale of the prodigal daughter, but I
    suppose Jesus misplaced  it in my files.  Fortunately, I  found  it and am most
    delighted to share it with you. Enjoy!)

A woman had two beautiful daughters. They lived in a small town in rural Illinois. The older daughter was little Miss Perfect, but the younger daughter was stubborn and rebellious as all get out. One day the younger daughter had a fight with her mother. She became really angry, yelling, "I'm not going to live in this house one more minute!" And she packed up her belongings and took a bus to the large city far, far away.

But the young girl experienced great challenges in the city. It was not easy to make a go of it. Jobs were few and far between. Besides, she spent all her time partying and wasting away her potential. Finally she became so desperate that she decided to let a pimp turn her into a prostitute. Her self-esteem had reached an all-time low. She became so miserable and felt so ashamed.

Finally, you guessed it, she reached her rock bottom and came to her senses. She was thinking about her Mom and sister at home and realized how good and wholesome her life had been there. She exclaimed to herself, "Here I am -- a total loser! I never thought I would say this, but I'm going to return to my home, and I will say: 'Mom, I have let you down. I have totally messed up my life. Can I please come home to stay with you and Sis?'"

And the younger daughter did catch a bus for home. The driver dropped her off just a few blocks from her street. And while she was nearing the house, her Mother saw her coming. She had been watching from the kitchen window. She was filled with loving compassion and ran out into the yard to greet her daughter. And she embraced her and she kissed her. And her daughter exclaimed to her, "Mom! I have let you down. I have totally messed up my life. Can I please come home to stay with you and Sis?"

But her mother said,

         "Of course, my dear.  Your  sister  will be so excited
          to see you, Honey.  Quick, come in  and  put on this
          beautiful dress I  made for you.   And I want you to
          put on these pearl  earrings  that  belonged to your
          grandmother. And, oh! look at these elegant shoes
          I  purchased just for you.  We're going to celebrate
         with a grand party. You are my precious daughter! 

         You were so lost, my dear, but now you have found
          yourself. Let's celebrate!"

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
March 1, 2012
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