The Gratitude Gate to Guidance

Thanksgiving Day during November and Christmas Day in December may seem like two adjacent holidays holding no resemblance whatsoever to each other. But don’t you just suppose that each of them may actually be quite complimentary to th e other? I do!

November is a wonderful time for expressing our thankfulness for Life’s plenteous blessings. Indeed, it is a season for opening our minds and hearts in gratitude, thereby allowing us to feel elated, refreshed, renewed, and free. I wonder! If this spirit of thanksgiving can bring about such a release from the daily pressures of life and procure a greater sense of flowingness within, then why not make this 'attitude of gratitude' a way of life? Why don’t we ignite this same spirit before the day has arrived in which we shall experience God’s blessings?

Can you get excited about the wonderful opportunities that await you tomorrow? Is it possible that gratitude can be our natural state of awareness? Could it be that a thankful heart has nothing to do with what’s already happened … but has everything to do with who we are?

While abiding in such a euphoric state, divine guidance is readily available to lead us to our greater good. Rather than miss out, we are more apt to respond and take advantage of the opportunities set before us … which shall lead us to greater success. Gratitude opens the Gateway to Guidance.

Suppose, for example, that the well-educated magi from the east had become totally discombobulated due to an exhaustive 12-hour workday … and no coffee breaks. Would they have been able to interpret and calculate the precise time and location in the astrological chart of the Christ child’s birth? They might just have missed out on the most spectacular event in their lives!

And suppose that the shepherds, tending their flocks in the field, had become totally depressed and cantankerous as all get out due to a lack of sleep while pulling an all-nighter? Certainly, the necessary receptivity to the angel’s guidance would have been completely gone. They also could have missed out on the invitation to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus, lying in a manger in some nearby cave.

Now you can see what I mean! The spirit of gratitude is your ticket to being in the right place at the right time. Why? -- Because we have entered into the flow of life. And life wants to bless us with momentous happenings.

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
November 1, 2011

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