God Takes A Vacation

AH! I can just see it now! Canoeing, camping, fishing, colorful sunsets, quiet evening walks together in the moon-light, swimming, traveling, exploring, craft shows, boat shows, melting-dripping ice cream cones, special events downtown, hiking, biking, barbecuing, and so much more! A recreational rendezvous during the summer holidays, family reunions, and celebrations – and of course on any other occasion wherein the fires of adventure are ignited – this is where it’s at!

During the Michigan summer, many will venture up north for a weekend retreat. Extended vacations are usually scheduled for this sunny-time when our zest for expression is greater. These getaways provide refreshing, fulfilling activities for you, the children, the pets, and the grandparents (and did I say YOU?). In our attempt to balance out the wintry season of overcast skies and hazy minds, we drive into the hot, humid, bright sunrays, which breathe enthusiasm into our soul and body. A successful renewal of the spirit, mind, and body enables one to return to the grit and grind of daily living in the city.

So, on the seventh day, having finished the tasks at hand, God ceased from the work he was doing, and God blessed the seventh day and declared it HOLY… (Genesis 2:2,3). AH! So you see, God got away from it all, as well. He was the first to take a well-deserved vacation! (Bet he was glad to get away from the Garden and the kids).  So, it’s not a surprise at all to discover that Jesus also required times away from it all. You may be pondering these questions:

      When did he vacation?

         The gospel stories say Jesus got away often – usually
          during the nighttime hours while most were sleeping
      Where did he go?

          He hiked up into the mountains or into the hidden
          desert caves

      Who went with him?

          Seeking solitude, he was nearly always alone – well, not
          alone, for he was with his heavenly Father

       What did he do?

          In the wiles of nature, he prayed with God and
          meditated in the silence of his soul

Jesus got away from the hectic pace of his nine to five, leaving his students and unfinished work behind. Maybe that’s what he meant when he said, “You must be born anew.” It is necessary for balancing the energies -- rejuvenating the mind and revitalizing the body.

          Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
July 1, 2011
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