Language of the Heart

When He created the heavens and the earth, the Bible declares that God spoke, saying, “Let there be light.” But in what language did he speak those words? English? Kichagga? Turkish? Mandarin? Aramaic? Hebrew? Kigogo? Russian? Portuguese? German? Spanish? Persian? Kiha? French? Hindi? Chinese? Latin?  Ah, you get the point!

          “At one time, all the people of the world spoke the
          same language”   – Genesis 11:1

Obviously, God created the first universal language. Hmmm – how many letters in the alphabet, I wonder? In the Garden of Eden, with what lingo did God speak to Adam and Eve? How could they have understood his words, I wonder! And did the serpent speak the same tongue? It’s a fair question!

Do you suppose that God spoke in the King James English when King James prayed to God? Never mind! When a person prays to God, does He respond in your language? Most certainly He does – just ask any Christian, or Jew, or Moslem, or Hindu, or Native American. Ah, you get the point!

You know, in East Africa, most people speak the common language of Swahili, but they also have their various mother tongues or tribal languages, which is very special and personal to their family. Most Americans would say their mother tongue is plain ol’ English. What was God’s mother tongue? I wonder!

         On  the  day of  Pentecost, all  the  Lord's  followers
         were together in one place … and they began  speak-
         ing  whatever  languages the  Spirit  let  them  speak.
         Many religious Jews from every country in the world
         were hearing everything in their own languages.” 
                            – Acts 2:1-7

Now if the speaker was talking in one language, how did the foreigners hear the words in their particular tongues? Could it be that the followers of Jesus were speaking in a universal language that everyone in the world understands? It would have been the same language God invented in the beginning, I bet! 

           Jesus  said; “I  am  giving  you  a  new  command.  You
           must love  each other, just  as I have loved you.  If
           you love  each  other,  everyone  will  know that you
          are my disciples.”  - John 13:34-35

That’s it! God’s universal language is Love. He spoke to them in the language of the heart! I already knew that!

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
May 1, 2011
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