The Incredible Teachings
of the Master

"We have seen incredible things today"

Who said that?  This comment came from the very people who had spent a day with Jesus nearly 2000 years ago. This Bible passage reflects feelings of awe from witnesses of a miraculous demonstration of healing and is suggestive of underlying, spiritual principles from which the miracle arose.

The Greek word paradoxos means "contrary to what was expected" and can be translated as paradoxical or incredible. The teachings and demon-strations of the master were unbelievable to the religious leaders of the day -- but the common people were willing to believe in their hearts what they saw with their own eyes and heard with their own ears.

The life and teachings of Jesus were so incredible because they were the out-picturing of a world-view quite contrary to the mass consciousness of that period... or even of today. His teachings were a contradiction to the very fabric of life – then and now. Let’s take a brief glance at a few of Jesus’ incredible teachings about
          His Relationship with God
          The Kingdom of Heaven
          The Essence of Love
          Life as Consciousness

Consider first of all that he addressed God as Abba, a term of endearment.  He did not teach the lord/servant relationship of his fellow Jews. Rather Jesus introduced a personal, more intimate one. It was the close relationship of a son to his Dad or a daughter to her Daddy.  Even praying to God as your Father-in-heaven does not really get it. To enter into the spirit of the master, you must pray to your "Heavenly-Papa". Try it on for size -- sound incredible?  No wonder the Pharisees were outraged! It was simply too . . . Incredible!

Here's another: "My kingdom is not of this world," he said to Pilate.  Israel's hope was a political one, that a Christ or Messiah in the tradition of David would come to destroy the Roman leadership and rule over Israel as their king. However, the Master clarified, "The kingdom of God (heaven) is within you."  Not a physical place, but an invisible presence of infinite possibilities. Jesus taught about the kingdom of expanded consciousness, a spiritual approach to dealing with life's challenges.  His path was not about the ego controlling the outer, but of our Spirit commanding the inner.  Change who is thinking your thoughts rather than how to change your world. Incredible!

Now consider this one: The law of Moses read, "Love your neighbor and hate your enemy." But hatred disconnects us from our spirituality, whose very nature is Love.  It divides and separates us from each other and from God. So the message Jesus gave is to "love one another as I (the Christ Spirit) have loved you". Love leaves no one out; not your enemies, not even yourself.  Love is inclusive, uniting all as one -- quite a drastic innovation to fully understand and apply, even today. Indeed, it is humanly impossible to love some people. But Love is not what your ego does.  Love is who you are and Love knows how to love.  Incredible!

Life is about consciousness – not matter. It’s about the invisible realm of thought and feeling that counts. And the rules of behavior are not established by God, but by you! The Golden Rule is a handy reminder to "do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” That way, you get to set a higher standard of conduct rather than reacting to what the other person did to you. Decide who you are. Take the higher road. Why? Because that is who you are. Incredible!

Jesus transformed the Mosaic Law of ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth’ into these three words: ‘Resist not evil.’ I call it the Law of Non-resistance and it applies to anything from a nasty look to abusive behavior. But you want revenge, you say! Where does retribution get you? What good does violence accomplish? Are you now at peace. Try ‘letting go’ on for size. Take a deep breath. Learn to take a step back – which is a step upward and onward. Incredible!

Forgiveness is not about forgetting; nor is it about another person. Forgiveness is about you, from you, and for you. And only as you forgive does God forgive. But how can one forgive? How can you not! Forgiveness means ‘releasing the NEED to blame’. When you no longer need to defend or accuse, you are indeed free and find your inner peace. Incredible!

What do you think? Incredible! Or are you a Believer!

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
January 1, 2011
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