The Most Blessed Person of All

Does this psalm of David reflect a feeling of being the most blessed of all people?


During the autumn season -- especially as the Thanksgiving holiday arrives -- we recall the past year’s blessings. As life brings both success and failure to each and every person, one may not always feel blessed or grateful. But consider Sandy’s story:

And here is Jonathan’s story:

Neither one was spared hard and challenging times, nor complained about how unfair their lot in life had been. Rather, both claimed to be richly blessed, in fact, the most blessed in the world! How can each of them feel like the most blessed one of all? There can only be one!

Let’s approach this matter from another angle. Who would you say is the most blessed individual of all the people in the world? Would it be someone with phenomenal success? With honored position? with worldwide fame? with financial wealth – a multi-billionaire even?

Or would it more likely be one with great challenges, yet he/she were able to overcome them? Or someone with a grateful heart and peace of mind? Or, could it be YOU? Do you feel like the most blessed of all people?

If you say that it’s not so; it’s not realistic; that it sounds so … self-centered. Then, who would you grant the privilege of feeling like the most blessed and grateful soul upon the planet? And why not you? If you felt it, would you not pray that all others may feel like the most blessed of all people – even as you do?

For each of the next 21 days, state with authentic intention this affirmative prayer:

                             I AM the most blessed . . .
             of all of the people . . .
                   in all of the world.”

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
November 1, 2010

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Jonathan was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease. After surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, he went into remission. Yet Jonathan declares: “I have lived with this disease through 28 years and three occurrences. Through it all, I have been the most blessed of all people.k here to add text.
" Let all that I am praise the Lord;  may I never forget the good things he does for me. He forgives all my sins and  heals ... and  crowns  me  with  love  and  tender mercies.  He fills my life with good things.”   (Psalms 103:2-5) e to add text.
"I have been there. Walked the darkest path, sunk into the deepest depths and thrived! I am the most blessed of all people. And I am grateful beyond words that I was kept here to be able to do what I do.”k here to add text.