A Dialogue:  YOU and your Emotions

What are emotions?

They are messages.

Something like emails on the Internet, huh?

Ah, not quite. Emotions occur inside your body.

And what is the nature of these messages?

Well, some are friendly, such as the GLAD ones --
and some are unfriendly, such as the MAD, the BAD,
the SAD, and the DREADed ones.

Ah, let me guess -- you're talking about anger, guilt, sadness,
and fear -- right?

Not bad -- I mean:  yes, correct!

And who is creating these emotions?

Your body -- they originate from within your own body.

I’d say they are caused by someone out there abusing us?

But they did not create the emotional charge in your body.

W h a t  e  v  e  r  !   So is there a good reason for these
negative emotions?

Certainly!  They are messages for YOU  to experience?

OK, but you really mean they're for my mind to resolve – right?

Your mind takes a peak at them; but they are intended  for

OK, but it’s my mind that figures out what the emotion is all
about and what to do with them – right?

Partially -- but the emotion is for YOU  to  experience, not
merely for your mind to comprehend!

Don't confuse me now.  The YOU -- which is ME -- is really
my MIND!  That's where the message has to be figured out!

Ok, I'll go there. And what does the mind do with those
emotions, may I ask?

Well, no one is comfortable with negative emotions. So
people  avoid, deny, conquer, control, or escape them . . .
Anything  . . .

Anything,  in order to NOT HAVE TO EXPERIENCE THEM !

True, but why would anyone want to  e x p e r i e n c e  them?

So YOU can receive their message, of course.

Oh boy! You seem to be saying that my mind recognizes the
emotional message, but the YOU, which is ME, doesn't
get it.

That's exactly right -- GET IT !  Your body is responding
with emotional sensations to get your attention . . .
so YOU can get its message . . . experientially.

So how do I know that I've actually gotten the message?

That's easy. The emotion will completely dissolve, usually
within moments.

What? Within moments! Are you kidding me? And all I have
to do is feel it? Will it really work that quickly?

Yes, if YOU willingly go into your body, face the emotion
wherever it is churning within your body, and experience
(or feel) the emotional charge . . . without resistance  . . .

Now hold on right there . . . without resistance? What do you
mean . . . without resistance?

If you allow your mind to avoid, deny, conquer, control, or
escape  them -- THAT'S RESISTANCE !

But that means allowing the emotion to take me over and . . .

But it won't destroy YOU.  It only appears that way . . .
to your mind, that is.

So when the emotion has dissolved . . . in moments . . . then

Then YOU will be at peace, and you can think more clearly
upon how to handle the issue that brought on the
body's emotional reaction.

OK, I'll try it. But first I'm going to put on these ear muffs so
I can't hear me SCREAM !!!!!

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
September 1, 2010
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