Love: The Greatest Enduring Quality

“So these three things continue forever:  faith, hope, and love.
And the greatest of these is love.”

This familiar scripture from I Corinthians 13:13 shows love to be the most important of the three enduring attributes of human beings. So let’s list it first rather than last. Why? It’s the most important!

Scripture assures us that the very essence of God is Love (Agape)  and that you and I are created in the image – even after the likeness -- of God. Thus, the spiritual essence of each person is Love, even as God is Love. Consider that the infinite Spirit which creates and sustains the Universe is presently, intimately loving you and me…unconditionally.

Can you imagine such Love? Do you feel worthy of God’s unconditional emabrace? Do you welcome the awesome Love-of-God in your daily prayers and meditations? Try it! For if Love is more important than any other quality, we must identify it as our true nature – and God’s. Otherwise, our hope and our faith shall have no consequence.

Love is who I am . . . and I embrace you with my essence.

Who said that?
Was it God?
Was it you?
Was it me?
Let it be … all three.

Now hope follows Love. To hope is to anticipate, to expect, to dream, to desire, to foresee the manifestation. However, without Love, we dream hopelessly. There can be no assurance that our hopes are plausible. They become crowded out by lots of doubt. We fear a precarious god is watching for us to make just one mistake … and take away our cake!

A solid foundation upon which to build our hope is essential. Love is that grounding. Rising up in consciousness…as Love, our hopes become anchored … in Love.

Now faith follows hope. To have faith is to completely trust that God is mightily at work on your behalf. Jesus put it this way: “That’s why I tell you to have faith that you have already received whatever you pray for, and it will be yours.” Our faith in God is a letting go, a releasing of needless worry. Faith can now allow you a greater freedom of expression. It becomes a smooth flow of knowingness … that all is well.

“So these three things continue forever, and in this order :
Love, hope, and faith. Got it!”

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
May 1, 2010
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