Nature and Her Secrets

In metaphysics, we refer to God as the Infinite Intelligence that created the Universe. The handiwork of Spirit is seen throughout nature and science is taking note.

Designers of automobiles were searching the natural world to find a model of a highly efficient, aerodynamic design, and having a sturdy structure that could withstand collisions. The model on which they settled is the boxfish (see photo below).

The Mercedes-Benz bionic car is among the most efficient aerodynamic vehicles (not on the market). This concept car consumes just 70 mpg -- making it 20 percent more economical. It has a maximum speed of about 120 mph.

        Boxfish                      Model                           Bionic Car

Now let us switch gears to explore the amazing eye of a lobster, which shows a remarkable geometry not found anywhere else in nature. It has tiny facets that are perfectly square, which looks like graph paper.  

The human eye operates upon the principle of refraction, whereas the lobster's eye works on the principle of reflection. This reflected light is focused onto the retina. Because the sides of the tubes inside the eye are lodged at perfect angles, they can all focus onto a single point. I realize this sounds much too scientific, but look how science has learned from nature and put it to use.

This lobster eye principle can be used in astronomy to develop a telescope that uses x-rays to observe a quarter of the sky at any one time. The lobster eye design could also help in making computer chips with electronic components that are hundreds of times smaller than is possible today.

You and I can improve the quality of our lives by observing nature and learning from her. Consider the flow of water. Water never argues with objects in its path, but adjusts and flows around or over them. The human tendency is often to resist, yet Jesus taught us not to resist that which we deem evil or unjust.

During a storm, the tree limbs bend to and fro, but quickly return to its usual form when the storm has subsided. Are you resilient, able to recover quickly from illness, changes, or misfortunes? Jesus taught us to shake the dust from our sandals and move on.

What have you discovered in nature that can be adapted within your relationships with each other?

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
March 1, 2010
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