When you Consider Love

  When you consider Love,
  think not about doing-Love,
  but of being-Love.
  Think not of Love as something to seek or gain;
  ‘tis hardly a commodity to give or receive.
  Love is who you are.
  Nor think so much about Love as an expression,
  but about the Love which is expressing –
  you are Love … expressing.

  When you consider Love,
  think not that Love is about your feelings;
  you are Love regardless of your feelings.
  Think you not . . . that you are Love?
  Love is you  -- even when not aware.
  Discover the Love that you are.
  Nor think that you must know how to Love;
  worry not of what to say or do;
  Love knows how to be itself.

  When you consider Love,
  think you can withhold Love?
  yea, but you cannot change your essence.
  Even if repressing the Love you are,
  is your thought that Love is not?
  Still, you are Love.
  Think not that you can control Love.
  nor that Love controls you;
  Love has nothing to oppose.

  When you consider Love,
  think not that Love is hidden;
  for God is Love, abiding within you.
  If it takes one to know one,
  are you one . . . who knows?
  does God not know you are Love?

We know that
we live in God and God lives in us.
We know this
because God gave us his Spirit . . . 
God is Love.
Whoever lives in Love
lives in God, and God lives in him . . .
Whoever does not Love
does not know God,
because God is Love . . .
But if we Love each other, God lives in us.
If we Love each other,
God’s Love has reached its goal.”
–  I John 4

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
January 1, 2010
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