Experience Your Spiritual Essence

Christianity offers a Trinitarian concept of God. But each and every individual also has a three-fold nature: Body - Mind - Spirit. Do you identify with a Trinitarian concept of yourself? I mean, do you fully perceive and experience yourself as a 3-fold being?

For instance, do you identify with your physical body -- its skin, bones, muscles, organs, glands? With your facial appearance, your size and weight, your dexterity? Bet you responded in the affirmative: “Yes, I most definitely identify with my body.”

Now, to what degree do you identify with your mind? With a particular level of intelligence? With thoughts, ideas, rational and logical reasoning? With visualization, imagination, creativity? With feelings, emotions, hopes and desires? No doubt, you also identify strongly with your mind.

Finally, consider the Spirit phase of your nature. Do you identify with your spiritual essence, as Spirit, as Life? Many people will respond with a bewildered vagueness regarding their spiritual self. How about you? What does it mean to claim: “I am a spiritual being”? Joel Goldsmith shares his answer:

          Through contemplation I began to discover aspects
          of myself that I never knew before. Eventually this
          led me to see that I am not a  body ... and that even
          without a body, I would  be  intact.  But without con-
          sciousness, I am nothing…But suppose consciousness
          were  obliterated, then what would I  be?  In other
          words,  I could do without feet  and hands;  I  could
          even do without eyes, and yet be conscious and alive.
          But I cannot  be rid of  consciousness  and have any-
          thing of me left. Consciousness is what I am.”

Try this meditative experience. After relaxing, take note of your body. Now imagine that your body disappears. Are you still there? Affirm within yourself: “I have a physical body, but if my body should vanish, I would still exist.” Be aware of your existence, even without a body.

Next, take note of your mind and its activity. Now imagine that your mind also disappears. Are you still there? Affirm within yourself: “I have a mind, but if my thoughts should cease, I would still exist!”

That remaining, invisible essence is your spiritual nature. Affirm within yourself: “I AM. I exist. I am Spirit. I am Life. I am aware of being. I am pure Awareness.   I am Consciousness.”

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
July 1, 2009
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