Your "Spiritual Calendar" for 2009

I trust you already have a beautiful 2009 calendar. So let this be your "Spiritual Calendar" that begins December 25th of 2008 and concludes on Thanksgiving Day of 2009. After all, Christmas symbolizes your spiritual birth.What better way to begin the year! And indeed, what better way to end it than with appreciation and gratitude on Thanksgiving Day!

Your 2009 Spiritual Calendar

December 25
Christmas Day:  a spiritual awakening; a fresh insight into higher awareness;  an authentic, budding realization of your spiritual identity;  a heightened discovery of God within you

January 1
New Year's Day: your new beginning;  the start of a reflective period for establishing new growth objectives;  a turning within to evaluate and commit to essential changes for growth;  the first of many days for setting resolutions to again unbind the soul

February 14
St. Valentine's Day:  an opening of your heart center;  an expression of love flowing through your heart and into your humanity;  the harmonizing or balancing of intellect with the affections of your heart

February 25 - April 15
Season of Lent:  an inner process of cleansing;  a releasing of erroneous beliefs;  a setting into motion of our resolutions for inner change;  a time for letting go of resistance and attachment

April 10
Good Friday:  the crucifixion of erroneous beliefs and limited thinking;  the final release;  the death of the old you;   the completion of your resolutions for inner change

April 12
Easter: the resurrection experience;  your triumphant overcoming of past challenges;  your transformed, uplifted consciousness of joy and wholeness and peace;  the rising up unto a higher plateau of living

May 25
Memorial Day: the honoring of past memories and the releasing of any lingering sorrows

July 4
Independence Day:  a celebration of your new life with freedom of expression and purpose;  a revering of your dependence on God and your inter-dependence with humanity

September 7
Labor Day: a salutation for the blessing of purposeful activity and cooperative interaction;  the acknowledgment of Spirit's creative work within and through you

November 26
Thanksgiving Day:  a grateful praise for a year of spiritual growth;  an expression of respect and appreciation for the richness of your life

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
January 1, 2009

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