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No doubt, we've all heard of doctors predicting that a person has only two years to live -- and sometimes, only six months to live. How shocking! Well, I'm not a real doctor, but today I'm making a prediction that YOU have only one day to live!!!

Yes, I've been informing my patients they each have only one day to live: Today!  I tell 'em: "This is not just any run-of-the-mill day, you know. It is filled with untapped potential for some mighty awesome living! So how ya gonna live in the only day ya got? Will it be filled with passion, living in the present -- moment by moment? Better be, it's your only day to really be alive!!!"

I'm sorry to report that many a patient of mine thought they had another day to live: Tomorrow!  So they decided to take a chance and worry themselves silly about problems that might or might not occur in this future imaginary day. Yes, to live in tomorrow can be a most debilitating, fearful experience. I tell 'em, "Living in the unknown world of the future requires an excess of time and energy that one can nil afford. Fretting around about what may or may not happen is a luxury ya simply don't have."

Now some of my patients have heard a rumor that they just may be capable of reliving Yesterday. They're simply not at peace with this most illusionary day. I mean, it's simply not a day they can experience -- it's gone!" Even when I prescribe some high-potency meditation to settle their nerves, they ignore it, pouring out unresolved emotions 'bout something that occurred in former times, often long ago times. Some ache over failures of the past; others are trapped in guilt-ridden memories of things said or done. Most are simply not willing to forgive and release. They insist on carrying their unresolved hurts into the only day they have to be fully alive!

Today is NOW! It is a gift from the heavens. Really, it's a miracle that you have only one day to live! For ya can put your full attention on making it fulfilling. What a wonderful day to bake a pie or send an email or wash the dishes. "Today is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it." That's the Bible. Bring healthy closure to the past. I tell my patients: "Be assured, you have done the very best ya could have done under those conditions at the time. If ya could have done better, ya would have!" And to those trying to live in the future, I tell them: "Be assured that what ya do today will provide the security necesary for facing your future! If you can do something to make it better, then do it today! It's all you're gonna get!"

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
November 1, 2008

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