Using Your Imagination

Like many other people, I enjoy the beauty of God's marvelous plant kingdom. So, as I presently gaze round about, I find myself surrounded with a myriad of green vegetation eliciting such luster and vibrancy! To my left and to my right, before me and above me, I see a wide assortment of vegetation from God's plant garden. Truly, each and every plant is expressing the fulness, the richness of their summer-time beauty. However, the month of May is yet to arrive. How can this be, that I am surrounded on all sides by this beauty -- for summer is yet around the corner? Well, the answer is quite simple. I am sitting in a restaurant ... and now you know the rest of my story!

Or do you? You see, there are windows everywhere in this restaurant. As I look up or out, my eyes easily see beyond these four walls. So while viewing the greenery before me in the restaurant, suddenly my eyes take me beyond the restaurant into the outer world beyond this physical structure. And in the distant, I can see trees, yet with verily a tint of green. For they have only begun to bud. After all, it is only mid-spring.

It's as if I'm sitting in summer, while my eyes are exploring spring. That is to say, I am metaphysically interpreting the circumstances in which I find myself (as I await my upcoming dinner meal). Can you find in this illustration a picture of a person visualizing his good before it has yet manifested in his/her life? The restaurant represents you, or me. The inside of the restaurant is your mind and outside the restaurant is your life, your world of affairs. The windows are your sense of sight through which you perceive the universe around you. As it is inside the restaurant that you partake of food for nourishment, so it is within the mind that you mold into perfect shape and form creative ideas, which are your true source of fulfillment.

It is through the process of visualization that you become co-creators with God, bringing into your life the manifestation or the outer expression of your inner desires. That which is within becomes that which is without. True reality is found within us. The outer world is but the reflection of what has been created or imaged by our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, attitudes, memories, and so on. The beautiful plants represent the perfect image of the heart's desire. They symbolize the good that has become the center of our attention, the focus of our imagination. Within the psyche, we accept our good as complete ... experiencing it as already accomplished. It is God's work to bring about the manifestation in the outer. I can hardly wait to see the summer green ... on the outside!

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
May 1, 2008

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