Sleep On, Dreamer!

Have you ever pondered the reason why you sleep? I have! Almost four decades ago, I wondered why it is necessary to remain in an unconscious state an average of eight hours... every night of our lives. That adds up to over 250,000 hours, which is one-third of our lives. Just think of all that you would be doing with a 50% increase in the length of time you could be awake without ever sleeping!

The exploration I made into this subject profoundly changed my life. It marked the beginning of my spiritual journey and I soon began interpreting my dreams. I realized the purpose of sleeping was not merely for our physical rejuvenation, but rather, for our much needed mental-emotional health. I realized that while the conscious, rational phase of the mind was shutdown, the unconscious phase remained quite productive.

The basic universal pattern includes five or six dreams during the night-life of each individual, an essential requirement for maintaining psychological equilibrium. Each dream takes place about an hour and a half apart. The subconscious mind attempts to reconcile the conflicts that have developed during the day, but much, much more than this. Your unconscious mind is evaluating and exploring the options available for your immediate future. Edgar Cayce stated while in an unconscious level of trance state that every experience we have (that is of any consequence) is first previewed in our dreams.

Did you know that most of our creative ideas originate at the unconscious levels of the mind? Many discoveries, inventions, and solutions come forth -- not from the conscious intellect -- but from the creative source that lies deep within us. It was from the dream experience that the following people made their most significant discoveries:

1. Otto Loewi:  chemical mediation of nerve impulses
2. Dante's "Divine Comedy"
3. Robert Stevenson: "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"
4. Fredrich Kekule:  structure of the Benzene Molecule
5. Samuel Taylor Coleridge: "Kubla Khan"
6. A. C. Benson, an English essayist:  "The Phoenix"
7. Tartini's "Devil's Trill"
8. Elias Howe: sewing machine
9. Mary Shelley: Frankenstein
10. Madame C. J. Walker: discovered cure for hair loss
11.Jack Nicklaus: developed new golf swing
12.Novelist Steven King: many themes come from dreams
13.Paul McCartney: heard melody for song "Yesterday"

The co-founder of Unity, Charles Fillmore wrote: "I watched my dreams closely and found that there was a wider intelligence manifesting in my sleep than I seemed to possess in my waking state ... every thing which it is necessary for me to know is shown to me ... (so) let us believe in our visions and dreams."

Thank You, God.You knew I needed all that night-time sleep just to straighten out all the kinks in my day!

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
March 1, 2008
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