Principles of Creativity - #3

All of nature comes alive in the spring. And as for the creative aspirations of the human spirit, it is spring-time as well! Jesus exemplifies the universal principle of creativity in this story, saying,

     “God’s kingdom is like seed sowed in a field by a man who
     then goes to bed and forgets about it. The seed sprouts
     and  grows -- he  has  no  idea how it happens.  The earth
     does it all without  his help:  first a green stem of grass,
     then a bud, then  the  ripened grain.   When  the  grain is
     fully formed, he reaps — harvest time!"  (Mark 4:26-29)

Farmers throughout the country areplanting corn, soybeans, and other seeds during the month of May — trusting completely that the seeds know what to do! The farmer considers it just a matter of time and a glorious harvest shall appear. Awesome is the creative process of life, both within nature and within humankind!

Let me share two important principles about positive and negative seeds.

First, allow me to share about "positive seeds". Our hopes and aspirations become effectively planted as those desires are saturated within the depths of our hearts. With complete trust, we then go about our day performing other tasks at hand. A period of time passes until the day arrives when our dream appears before our eyes. It has come to fruition — harvest time!

It is essential however that we can let it go — so that the creative process may unfold (though we know not how). Remember, if the farmer uncovers the seed (he has planted) to see if anything is happening, ironically, it will die! Likewise, if we are consumed with our desire day after day, it's as if we must keep uncovering it to keep an eye on it — not trusting nature to do its perfect work. However, as we shift our awareness to other matters, trusting with complete ease, the idea continues to grow within our subconscious state.

Secondly, consider what happens when "negative seeds" are planted (I mean, within our soul). For example, seeds of fear will grow in our subconscious state also. They become like weeds that we don't like being there.

But here's what happens. We so dread the feeling of fear that we'll do anything to avoid having to experience that emotion. Eventually, it subsides. And though we're unaware, still it grows day after day. Suddenly out of nowhere, it comes forth more fiercely than before.

So remember, if you uncover the seed, it will die. The solution then is to uncover the fear. You can starve the fear by separating it from its source of power (or nourishment). If you can face the fear (within you), its energy soon dissolves, for it is not being nourished any more.

Interestingly, the process of creativity requires:

     1) the release of the positive in order to receive it; and

     2) the acceptance of the negative in order to release it.


Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
May 1, 2007

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