Gazing through the Window of Unity

The symbol of our Unity movement for the first 100 years was the 'winged earth', signifying the soul taking flight. It is our indwelling Christ Spirit that lifts the soul up above the difficulties of life below.

Truly, Unity is now becoming a spiritual symbol, representing a message of hope and inspiration for all people. The Unity way of life becomes the practical application of resurrection living at its best. Unity has become your symbol and mine!

Eric Butterworth writes, "Sacred symbols were originally windows through which to see reality. In time they became dusty and then opaque. Finally, the worshipper did not see through the window. He simply worshipped the window."

We might say that Unity is the window through which many, like you and I, see our world. So, how about your  window? Is Unity still a vital part of your daily life? Do you find excitement in sharing your God-moments with Unity friends? Are the principles of Christ-centered living prominant in your mind and heart and soul today?

Or has Unity become hidden behind the clutter of your daily worries? Dare I ask, has Unity become a dusty window you worship saying, "Yes, I love Unity and have been a long-time member (but I don't go to my church nowadays)." Well, would you like to just scrub that window clean and get reinvolved once again in a world-view that unites the human with God, resurrecting the soul into a richer, more joyous experience of life? Would you?

Now is your opportunity. Our church has a blue-light special going on throughout the season of Lent.  No credit checks. Not been to church lately -- no problem! Knowing how embarrassed you may feel, this warranty offers our complete acceptance of you without any conditions whatsoever. This offer does have a few minor strings attached, which are clearly stated in the small print below. Here's what to do:

       (Small Print) Required: you must go on a fast. That's right, stop feeding your  mind those
       erroneous thoughts of unworthiness. Remove from your diet all that short-cut blaming
       talk.  Quit the critical stuff and all that serious long-term back-stabing. Cut out all that
       complaining. It's nothing but junk-food and not good for your health. It cloggs up the
       thought-processes and causes indigestion of the feelings. THEN come to church and
       be loved unconditionally.

Realize, my friend, the importance of nurturing your Spirit. Enter our city of peace during Easter week. I look forward to seeing you soon and together we shall gaze through the crystal-clear windows of heaven . . . and we shall fly the distant skies.

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
March 1, 2007

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