Releasing Your Untapped Potential

November is our annual reminder to express heart-felt gratitude. So in response to our many manifest blessings, we say 'Thank you, God'. Indeed, our joy easily increases when we have experienced a demonstration greatly needed, yet highly unexpected. Stored-up energies are released from within our bodies. Such a spirit of thanksgiving is natural and reasonable and rational. After all, we have received God's good and we are sooooo appreciative.

But! (such a huge word), it defies the logic of a rational mind to make sense of how the words "Thank you, Father" could come forth through the lips of Jesus before the demonstration of the loaves and fish that fed 5000 people. And it is totally irrational to the intellect that Jesus uttered the words "Thank you, Father" just before life again flowed through the body of Lazarus, which had been lying dead in a tomb for four days.
What did Jesus know that we don't know? The Master knew how to cooperate with the Father (or God-unmanifest) in the creative process. Jesus knew of the vital importance of relishing in the unlimited possibilities for good that God was constantly pouring forth into His life. His heart was illumined with appreciation.

From the works of Charles Fillmore, we read:

    "words which express thanks, gratitude, and praise release latent
     energies (and) build up within  us the dynamic energy  of the one
     life and the one substance until we overflow and increase every-
     thing we touch".

Thanksgiving then is the means of activating a most potent force within. When you behold such a spirit of gratitude and appreciation, the beneficiary is not God, but you. And your greatest benefits gained from thanksgiving comes -- not after the demonstration -- but before it.

So go ahead! Release from within the depths of the soul that untapped potential to bring forth into manifestation health, prosperity, and a renewed life. Within your heart-center, pray these words in connection with the feeling they generate:

    Thank you  God for expressing  your  unconditional love in me and
    through me -- right here, right now.  You  are  my Source of  ALL-
    Good and I am worthy of your richest blessings. Thank You God,
  Thank You God, Thank You God.

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
November 1, 2006

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