Principles of Creativity - #2

You see it the way you believe it

The way in which you see your life is determined by the seed-thoughts you have implanted in the rich soil of your mental garden. Your life is a perceptual experience. You actually live in the garden of consciousness.

Allow me to use the concept of insurance in order to illustrate this concept. In the distant past (the far away distant past), neighbors would rally together to rebuild a barn that had been destroyed by fire. This was their 'insurance' of the day in which they lived. The cost of the insurance was in the form of labor and supplies (not provided monthly, but at the time of need). We could say that their 'premiums' went directly to the victims of fate.

Today, the helping of another in their times of distress is accomplished in a completely different manner. Our assistance -- in the form of financial payments at regular intervals -- goes directly to a middleman, known as the 'insurance company'. Then it is passed on to the victim at the time of need (we hope!).

Now consider two individuals whose insurance payments are identical, but whose perceptions are radically opposite of each other. We'll call them A and B. Suppose that A grudgingly pays his 'bills' to that insurance company which is becoming rich off him. In spite of this attitude, he does feel protected because when his barn burns down, he will be recompensed by his insurance.

Now consider B who has compassion for his distraught neighbors. He joyously gives a monthly 'gift' to help them in rebuilding their barns. The insurance company is tipped for assisting him. He gives freely, without expectations of getting something back in return (that is, he doesn't feel begrudged if his barn doesn't burn down).

Every seed of belief produces after its kind. It is the universal spiritual law of cause and effect. We sometimes refer to it as the principle of sowing and reaping. Person A believes that he can benefit only when his barn burns to the ground, so he is unconsciously drawing such an experience to himself. In his resentful attitude, he trusts that his 'insurance' is providing him the security that is lacking in his belief system. Moreover, he is unknowingly promoting the prosperity of the company. He sees what he believes.

Person B has a consciousness that is free of injustice. His attention is upon the good of all and sees himself as part of a universal support system. He promotes the prosperity of the unfortunate, the insurance business, and himself by seeing the perfection of the universe working together for the benefit of all. He attracts to himself the good that he has given so freely to support others.

Life is in the seeing.
            How do you see your world?
                    How does your garden grow? 

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
May 1, 2006

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