Taking Love to the Next Level

As we are fast approaching Valentine's Day upon our soul-journey through 2006, we acclaim it as a day for honoring love. Some of the phrases we say regarding love are fascinating: falling-in-love, falling out of love, unconditional love, in love with love, love at first sight, love-you-to-death, love you with all my heart, love-turned-sour, loving too much, and the list goes on and on!

Some of these phrases seem a contradiction to love; not a reflection of it. Why do we fall rather than rise in love? Do you love him more than you love me? Maybe you love me with only a part of your heart!  How does one love another very much or too much? And what does it mean to really love another? If you simply tell me you love me, should I ponder why you don't really love me? Are there degrees of love? Can our love be weighed?

Considering our language of love as it has evolved, could we be missing out on something? Love is not merely a synonym for like, is it?  Well, is it?

When relating to love on a higher level, we often use the terms 'agape' or 'spiritual love'. We may also think of it as unconditional love, which is our greatest understanding of love. But it occurs to me that the term 'unconditional love' is redundant. For if love, by definition, is without restrictions or judgments, it is automatically unconditional.  Love leaves no one out!

Indeed, there do appear undesired conditions in life and we must set boundaries that promote healthy, functioning relationships. You are not obligated to become a 'doormat' or a 'scapegoat' for another. By all means, choose your friends wisely and stand up for your values. You may have to say, "No!"

Yes, it's a fact that the expression of love will vary from one end of the spectrum to another. But if choosing who to place in my circle of love is based upon whether I like and approve of them, I am building walls of separation from those I can't accept. Yet love respects each and every soul (that includes you and me). To love is to unconditionally embrace everybody as they are:  spiritual beings -- expressions of God.

Now let's take our discussion to another level. Consider that Love is simply not a commodity. It is not something inside your heart that you give to another. Rather, Love (I mean ... real love) is who you are. You are Love even as God is Love. God does not give you His love. He is Love ... in you and in all. You are Love in your world. Love is you in the awareness of your oneness and connectedness with God and all his children.

To withhold love is to draw circles in your mind as a means of protecting your heart -- yet the heart remains wounded. The game of love is not to see who can draw the largest circle, but to discover who can erase the most circles.

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
January 1, 2006

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