Educated in the School of Life

Well, it's time once again for public and private schools to reopen their doors and for the education of our children to resume. You and I, however, have been continuously at work with our Earth-School studies, where summer breaks simply do not exist. Indeed, we have been learning and growing in God's Planetary School of Life for decades -- haven't we?

So what are some of the experiments you have been conducting in the Universal Laboratory of Life? Have you compared negative emotional reactions? successfully applied peace-making skills? conducted 'mutual respect and understanding' responses?

I'm certain you have studied some challenging subjects over the years? How about courses in conflict-resolution or basic communication skills? in beginning or advanced wisdom? How about some of the required courses in trusting God or loving your neighbor?

Have you ever passed Faith-Building 101 or Harmonious-Living 101?

And, of course, there is Introduction to Patience and Advanced Meditation, as well as the classic, Fine-Attuning your Instrument?

But have you ever pursued the two most dreaded of all courses!

The Fundamental Laws of Forgiveness
Five Baby Steps to Commitment-Making?

(If you have a schedule overload, maybe you should make an appointment with your counselor).

The education of each soul in Earth-School is experiential, a necessary requirement for achieving higher degrees of awareness. The initial degree is called the 'Children of the Kingdom' degree.  Each graduate is aware he/she is a spiritual being, guided by Spirit.  "For all who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God"   (Romans 8:16)

At spiritual puberty, the graduate realizes that he/she is a creative agent and is awarded the 'Teenager of the Kingdom' degree. Indeed, this adolescent of God is only beginning to understand how to use the Law of Mind-Action. Rene' Dubos, a bacteriologist, says, "mankind will not reach puberty for another hundred thousand years". Oh, well!

Really, many already hold this degree and are growing rapidly, soon to earn the 'Adults of the Kingdom' degree, where spiritual maturity is more fully achieved through deeper prayer and meditation.

The highest awareness is the 'Seniors of the Kingdom' degree. From this level of mastery, the graduate lives from the heart as Love. He/she enjoys a consistent awareness of their oneness with Infinite-Creative-Intelligence -- one with God and with all souls.

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
September 1, 2005
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