Take Off Your Shoes

A man in a dejected state of mind was standing on a bridge, considering suicide.  A woman approached him, asking: "Aren't you Christopher D'Antonio, the writer? I just have to tell you what a difference your books have made in my life!  I just wanted to thank you."  But the writer replied, "No, my dear, it is I ... who have to thank you!"  We just never know how important a simple human interaction can be.

Every moment is a holy moment.  Every place is a sacred place. For the Presence of God occupies all time and all space.

High on the mountain-top, Moses hears a voice from the burning bush: "Moses! Take off your sandals, for the ground upon which you stand is holy ground."  But the ground upon which you stand is holy ground, as well. For there is no place where God is not. Therefore, the Presence of God is wherever you are, and you are always standing upon holy ground.

I just know that anyone who goes to the top of the mountain can hear the voice of the divine!  Do you not suppose it could have been someone other than Moses?  For instance, imagine if you will, that Pat Boone is climbing to the top of the hill and hears the angelic voice: "Pat, take off your white bucks!"  Or maybe it could be John Wayne. "Hey, Duke! Take off your cowboy boots!"  To the Lone Ranger's companion, the Great Spirit mutters the words, "Tonto, take off moccasin, for this land is sacred land."  Even Cinderella might have heard the ringing of those majestic words: "Cindy, will you please take off both of your glass slippers."

Of course, Michael Jordan would be requested to remove his Nikes and Elvis, his blue suede shoes.  To others he might have asked the removal of galoshes, clodhoppers, oxfords, loafers, pumps, bedroom slippers, tennis shoes, wooden shoes, or some other footwear.

But why would God ask anyone to take off his/her shoes?  Well, feet represent our human understanding, for the feet are the base or foundation upon which the physical body stands.  But Moses hiked all the way up to the mountain-top, a metaphor for rising into a higher consciousness, or spiritual understanding, through meditation and prayer.

Taking off one's shoes is about letting go of the ego's belief system, which sees through the eyes of fear, rather than the sacred.  Through higher consciousness, we discern the unity of all life and the divinity of every individual soul.  In the book, Communication With God, it is stated: "When you lose sight of each other as sacred souls on a sacred journey, then you cannot see the purpose, the reason, behind all relationships."

So, take off your shoes -- your limited understanding -- and become aware of the Presence of God ... right now ... right where you are ... in every situation ... in every relationship.

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
September 1, 2004

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