A Holiday for Kids

Hurrah! Two special holidays allow us to bring honor and respect to our moms and dads. This year we shall give tribute on two separate Sunday, May 11th and June 15th respectfully, to the mother and father who birthed us. We shall also recognize the parents who reared us. They may be our birth-parents or not. Indeed, blessings to all mother and fathers!

God made moms and dads to show little
children the fulness of their humanity.

Parents carry a mighty responsibility in the rearing of their children. Nurtured and guided daily by caring parents, the little ones are being taught commitment and loving service to others in ways that will long be remembered -- not merely through their words, but by modeling the kind of person the parents hope they shall choose to imitate.

Parents instill within their children the values and ideals, as well as the character that will provide the foundational capacity for success during their adolescent years, and eventually into adulthood.

Yes, the mothers and fathers of our youth teach us to live purposeful lives as big people in a most difficult and challenging world. They model for us HOW TO ACT.

But I have never ever heard of a holiday just for kids. You know . . . something like 'All-Kids-Day'. You know ... like show us some respect or something. A day off from school would be a great way to honor us little people.

God made little children to show moms
and dads the fulness of their spirituality.

When the Master taught that no one could enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless he turn around and become as a little child, what did he have in mind?

Might it be that little children are completely dependent upon their parents, even as you and I are spiritual beings, totally reliant upon our Father-Mother God? Could it be that their receptive minds reveal something which many adults have lost? Or how about their flexibility and capacity for change? What of their resiliency -- the ability to let go, spring back, and move on to the next experience?  And curiosity -- they respond with awe to everything they see and touch and taste.  And their honesty and pureness of heart tell it as they see it. 

Are these not what the little children can teach their parents? They help us to remember HOW TO REACT to life's many difficulties and challenges. 

So let us all get on the phones and call Washington or Hallmark to inaugurate a new holiday to honor the children of the world. May God richly bless all moms and dads and little children.

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
May 1, 2003

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