Shopping for a Manger

I suppose it's not too early to do my Christmas shopping. I would guess that some are already looking for just the right gifts for just the right people. Well, I am searching for just the right manger for Mary and Joseph. You see, it's going to be Christmas Day before you know it, and I want to be prepared for the new birth. A cradle to lay their newborn child is essential.

"And while Joseph and Mary were in Bethlehem, the
time came for her baby to be born; and she gave 
birth to her first child, a son. She wrapped him 
in a blanket and laid him in a manger, because 
there  was no  room  for them in the village inn."

All too often, there is no room in our lives for the nurturing of the inner Self. We are so busy with the activities of our external world -- especially at Christmas time. But the unfolding of our spiritual life is very important to you and me. That's what Christmas is really about -- the birthing or awakening of one's spiritual awareness. "Christ in you, the hope the glory", wrote Paul,  "Let this attitude (or consciousness) be in you that was in Christ Jesus." Now, just what is this consciousness of the Christ?

The Christ is God's perfect idea of You -- your spiritual Self. Jesus related it to the infinite expanse of the heavens. It has a limitless capacity for expressing the abundant life of love and joy, and holds a child-like enthusiasm and curiosity for life. It synthesizes the whole, and yet is not ruffled by linear reasoning. It beholds with optimism all things anew, with purity and freshness and grace. Serendipitous in nature, it attracts miracles as if by a love-magnet. It is a fountain of radiant light to all the world, a source of perpetual life. 

So wherein do we search that we might bring forth this infinite Presence? Not in an intellect that is sequential and logical! Not in the illusory, sense perceptions of the human psyche! No, not in your rational, reasoning mind! No -- not in Joseph, ever!

The birthing of our divine Self occurs not through effort, but receptivity. Nor is it achieved by cesarean section, but by waiting upon the Lord of our being in the silence. It is Mary within each of us that brings forth the new-life, cradled in the manger of our heart. 

It is through the process of deep and regular meditation that we behold the infant Christ Presence. In our times of letting go and trusting God, we draw nearer and nearer to the greater awakening of Christ Consciousness. 

Yes, the new-birth is dawning! Your Essential-Self, the Christ, desires to be born in you ... awakened as you? You will want to cradle the newborn in the manger of your heart. Certainly, it is not too early to go shopping for the perfect manger. The birth of spiritual awareness is fast approaching. During this Christmas season, make room in your heart to embrace the holy Presence.

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
December 1, 2002

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