Who Operates Your Computer?

A few years ago, I watched a segment on TV giving an update on some of the latest research in computerization. Scientists over recent years had made some amazing progress in the development of a computerized system placed within a vehicle to assist with the driving of it. A camera for viewing the route ahead takes the place of the driver's eyes. The system attempts to delineate the contours of the road and to make determinations of obstacles up ahead. It was demonstrated that, under restricted circumstances, the system could steer the vehicle along the highway. Wow! It seemed quite miraculous to me at the time!

You and I already have an internal, computerized system that helps us with the driving. Is it not awesome what happens while we are maneuvering our 'physical bodies' to and fro? Just imagine the millions and billions of bites of data being processed moment by moment on the hard drive of our individual PC's!

While in a car, have you suddenly become aware you must have been driving unconsciously? Maybe you were daydreaming or listening intently to the radio or having a heavy discussion with a companion. Then suddenly, your attention returns to the road ahead. "How did I do that?"

Similarly, we go through our day accomplishing countless tasks unconsciously, such as the digestion of food, the circulation of blood, even the process of walking or talking, of looking or listening...it's all computerized.

I marvel at the ability of the body to regenerate itself daily. Cells that have completed their work die and new cells are born to replace them. Some cells live only for minutes, some for hours, some for days, some for weeks, and some for years. If I had a chart, still I would loose track of which cells are ready to be recycled. And whom could I possibly hire with qualifications and experience to oversee the operation? 

How wonderful to have a built-in monitoring system to keep the human body mechanism running smoothly. Most often, we are on automatic pilot, when it comes to these functions. We unknowingly will it and the computerized vehicle (our neuro-physiological system) performs it. And all of this is under the command of whom?

Well, you and me, that's who! You know that you are not a computer. You are not a robot. You are the operator. Yet who is this you that is the operator in charge? Is it your ego mind? NOT! Is it your Spiritual Self? Well, you do not have one -- you are one. You see, the Self is not a part of you. It is the Essential You. It is the You that can say, "I AM"

You are the consciousness that makes the choices and the computer is your magnificent servant.  May God richly bless us with divine wisdom and keep our human computers well oiled for dedicated service.

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
July 1, 2002

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