You Can Always Begin Again

Did you know, my friend, that the New Year was celebrated from March 21 to April 1 until 1564?  Yes, that was the year France initiated a new calendar, which had been reformed by Charles IX. And though New Year's Day had been changed to January 1, don't you just know there would be those foolish ones -- stuck in the traditions of the past -- who would continue to celebrate the new year on April 1?

That's right! These people were called April fools. Thereafter, the custom of fooling friends on the first of April became popular, not only in France, but by the 1600's, the tradition had spread to other countries as well.

Now if you have waited until April 1 to jump-start your new year, I will not suggest that you are April's fool.  However, it probably holds true that you have, shall we say,     g o t t e n     o  f  f     t  o    a       r  a  t  h  e  r s    l    o    w          s    t    a     r    t . 

Yet, so what if you missed out on the January 1 deadline.  Better late than never -- right?  So begin now. Decide to make today a new beginning for you.  Choose your resolutions, write down your goals, make a firm commitment to have a wonderful year for 2002. And remember, my friend, that I support you in your sincere commitment to growth and success.

Most of us, of course, have already embarked upon a race till the end (or till we drop).  We had plans.  Indeed, some of us may have gotten side-tracked, or become back-slidden, but now is the perfect time to get back on target.  Consider this to be a grand opportunity for evaluating your progress in 2002, and making beneficial adjustments.

You see, life is always amendable.  Even being on automatic pilot will require making adjustments along the way.  It is not wrong to alter your course; a new technique or procedure may be the impetus necessary to continue surging ahead.  And remember, my friend, that I support you in your sincere re-commitment to growth and success.

Now there are times when we just do not know if we're coming or going.  Been there -- done that!  But this year, we have an excuse, for it is just that kind of a year.  Yes, 2002 reads the same whether you are coming or going! Turn it around and still, it is:

 2 0 0 2 .

However, if this fits you, it would be a helpful maneuver to turn your life around, having gotten off to a bad start.  Going the wrong way on a one-way thruway is not really OK, is it?  

But you are, my friend!  And you will need to turn your vehicle around.  A new commitment is the shifting of gears that can turn your thinking about 180 degrees. Honesty is the modem that can see you through the darkness and redirect you into the light.  A flag of hope lies at the end of the tunnel. And remember, my friend, that I support you in your sincere, new commitment to growth and success.

April's Fool races blindfolded down a course 
leading nowhere ... fast. 

But the Wisdom of April is a blade springing
forth into new life with sincerity and 

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
March 1, 2002

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