Letter to a Friend

Hello, my friend,

I am especially pleased you have decided to read my message to you now rather than later on. As you skim these opening remarks, you are wondering just what it is I have to say and will it have any significance for you. Of course, you could read it later or even throw it away, and yet, here we are. And though you are wanting to know what is on my mind, you are starting to think that maybe I am just wasting your time.

Yes, I know many things about you. It is due to your curiosity that you have continued to read this far. It's really not so strange that I know this and that about what you are doing and thinking (no, I am not a psychic). However, I share with absolute certainty these phenomenal things about you because, at this very moment, I am right here with you and we are carrying on this conversation with each other!

No, I am not doing all the talking. This is not a one-way conversation, you know. Truly, your mind is quite busy generating all sorts of responses to my comments. By the way, this actually makes it more difficult for us to clearly communicate with each other. For while you are both reading my words and pondering your thoughts, you are only half listening to what I am saying to you.

So hear me carefully now. Read slowly. I am writing these words to you and to you alone. They are not intended for all those other people out there. No one is here but you and me. Happily, I can see that you are patiently trying to focus on my thoughts, though I'm not so certain you understand where I'm headed with all this.

So let me draw you a picture -- maybe that will help. Imagine this paper to be totally blank. It really was blank when I started talking to you, but now I have filled it up with all these words and you have added your own thoughts between these words. So this paper represents our relationship with each other right now.

I have tried so earnestly to capture your attention, which I have successfully done. And you have spent these most precious moments of your life to be with no one but me. But what has been accomplished? I mean -- really?

The words we use do not always communicate what it is we truly want to say. Words often just get in the way of effective communication. And yet, we keep rambling on and on with more and more words. So let me move beyond words and speak with my heart.

What I really want you to know is that you are 
a very special person.  I care about you.  God has 
richly blessed my world by creating you and 
placing you in it.  Will you accept my Unity hug?

And let's just forget about all those words.

Authored by Reverend Virgil Brewer at Unity Chapel
July 1, 2001
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