Audio Prayer of Healing

Prayer of Healing

O GOD, You are the Spirit of Life that dwells
     within every man, woman, and child 
     upon our planet. And the fulness 
     of Your Presence lives within me. 
O Spirit of Life, renew my heart and restore my soul 
     that my body be the perfect out-picturing 
     of Your Pattern of  Wholeness within me. 
Heal me now, O God, from the inner to the outer, 
     from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. 
Your Healing Stream flows freely and fully,
     transforming every cell, 
                              every gland,
                                  every organ, 
                                       every tissue.
For I am worthy of Your highest and Your best. 
     I am grateful.  And my body is a new creation 
     in Christ awareness. 
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Prayer of Healing
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