Audio Prayer of Peace

Prayer of Peace
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O GOD, You are the heavenly source of peace, 
   the peace that passes all human understanding.
And so when my world is in disarray 
   and my mind is confused, 
   and my emotions are out of control, 
I stop, and I breathe in deeply the breath of life. 
As I expel all the air, I go to my heart, 
   and in my heart, I abide 
   in the stillness of the silence. 
And my mind is at peace, 
   my body is relaxed and at ease, 
   my emotions are calm and serene, 
And in the tranquility of my soul, I know 
   that You are in charge 
   and all things are unfolding 
   in your perfect divine order ...
   and all is well. 
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Prayer of Peace