Audio Prayer for Guidance

Prayer of Guidance

OH GOD, I feel your Presence of unconditional love 
   drawing me ever nearer to You 
   that I may open the door to my heart 
   and let You in, 
That You may be with me, and I with You, 
   and that You may guide me throughout this day, 
   moment-by-moment, all along the way. 
So I just let go of my thoughts.
   I leave my mind and I go to my heart 
   and I let You in. 
I am open, receptive, and responsive 
   to Your guiding light every step along the way. 
Thank you, O GOD, for guiding and directing me,
   inspiring and up-lifting me, 
   comforting and reassuring me, 
   every step along the way.
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May it bring you inspiration, comfort, and reassurance. 
Prayer of Guidance
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