Audio Prayer of Trust

Prayer of Trust

OH GOD, there is so much that I want 
   to accomplish this day, and yet in my mind
   there is despair and doubt.
I am quite uncertain that I will be able 
   to make the right decisions 
   and to achieve the results that I desire.
I'm not even certain that I want to face 
   some of the circumstances 
   that are before me this day, 
   so I simply trust in you to guide me 
   every step along the way.
In my mind I know that this is not possible,
    so I go to my heart. 
And in my heart I come face to face
   with Your Infinite Presence of unlimited good
   . . . and I trust. 
I simply trust that all things are working together
   for the highest good for everybody involved.
Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. 
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Prayer of Trust
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