Audio Prayer of Gratitude

Prayer for Gratitude

OH GOD, thank you for my life 
   of overflowing good.
Thank You for the beauty of my life,
   the richness of my life, 
   the goodness of my life.
Thank you for the flow of life in my body 
   providing health and vitality.
Thank you for filling me with the zest for living, 
   for establishing so many fascinating things
   to spark my interest, to arouse my curiosity, 
   to stretch my imagination.
Thank you for the difficulties of life
   as well and for lifting me above them.
Thank you for filling my life with love, 
   wonderful people who bring joy and happiness.
And most of all, thank you for your loving Presence
    in my life and for my awareness 
   of your precious love for me.

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Prayer of Gratitude
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