Audio Prayer for Centering

Prayer for Centering

I center my thoughts on God within me, 
   and I am enfolded in the Presence of God. 
All my words, actions and responses 
   reflect the guidance and inspiration 
   of God's loving Presence within me. 
Good manifests in my life as I remain centered 
   in this close union with the Creator of all good. 
As God's loving Presence rises up from within me, 
   my spirit is quickened and filled with joy 
   and enthusiasm. 
Knowing that I am one with GOD, 
   I can call up this joy-filled feeling 
   in the wink of an eye 
    as I concentrate on GOD 
   at the center of my being.
GOD is with me, 
   I know and feel his Presence within. 

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Prayer of Centering
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