Audio Prayer of Release

Prayer of Release
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May it bring you inspiration, comfort, and reassurance. 
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I release whatever may be challenging me
  as I let go and let GOD. 
No matter how difficult my challenge may seem,
  I know I am taking the right course 
  when I release it to GOD. 
Wherever I go, whatever I do, 
  God will take care of me 
  and all that concerns me. 
By letting go, I express my faith in GOD, 
  knowing that GOD is my strength and 
  comfort, as each difficulty is guided
  toward it's right out-working. 
I turn to God and let Him do His perfect
   work in me. 
GOD is LOVE, and God's Love is within 
  and all around me. 
In the flow of GOD'S LOVE, 
   I receive abundant blessings.
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